Tux Member Presentation

David Bouchard & Steve Daniels:
Engaging students through public collaborations

2017-10-10 12:30 at DGP: BCIT, 5th Floor



Since 2014, we have been partnering with cultural institutions, artists and our students to produce large scale public art installations. Recent projects with the TIFF digiPlaySpace and the Ontario Science Centre will serve as case studies. We will describe our experiences and the evolving role of students as they follow a trajectory from volunteers to co-creators within these projects. Our presentation will also reflect on how maker culture intersects with curriculum leading to these public outcomes.


David is an omnivorous New Media artist, technologist and educator. His work explores the expressive potential of computation, both in software and hardware forms. His research interests include data visualization, generative art, interactive and responsive environments, digital fabrication, display technology for public spaces, electronic music interfaces and wireless sensor networks to name a few. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Science from Concordia University and a Masters of Media Arts & Sciences from MIT.

Steve Daniels uses electronics and communication technologies to create hardware agents, kinetic sculptures, ubiquitous spaces and networked events. Through his practice he juxtaposes disparate knowledge systems and experiences in an effort to reveal their underlying structures and assumptions. His works and collaborations have exhibited at the TIFF Lightbox, Ontario Science Centre and InterAccess (Toronto, ON) and were recently included in the MACHines show at the Centre des Arts, Enghien Les Bain (FR), as a part of Eveil/Alive/Despertar (SESC Santana, Sao Paulo, Brazil), TEI’15 (Stanford, USA) and ISEA (Disruption) 2015 (Vancouver, CAN). Steve is currently associate professor in the New Media program in the RTA School of Media, Ryerson University. Steve teaches courses in Malleable Media, Physical Computing, Telepresence and Networked Objects. He holds an MSc from the University of Manitoba (Zoology, Behavioural Ecology) and is a graduate of the Integrated Media program at OCAD (Toronto). Steve can be found online at www.spinningtheweb.org