The Toronto User Experience group was founded in 2015 by its inaugural editorial board members: Tovi Grossman of Autodesk Research, Ali Mazalek of Ryerson University, and Daniel Wigdor of the University of Toronto. It is an organization dedicated to bringing together and building of a community of HCI researchers in and around Toronto. It presently has members from as far east as Queen’s University in Kingston, and as far west as Waterloo.

Tux comes together biweekly, usually at the MaRS Discovery District or at the University of Toronto for talks. Each talk is preceded by a reception made possible by the group’s generous sponsors. Talks at Tux are in one of two categories: Tux member presentations, and Sanders Series Invited Lectures.

Sanders Series Invited Lectures

The Sanders Series is a set of distinguished HCI visionaries from around the world. The series was created in collaboration and under the sponsorship of Mr. Steven Sanders. The lectures are recorded and available online.

Tux Organizers

Editorial Board

Ali Mazalek, Ryerson University
Daniel Wigdor, University of Toronto
Tovi Grossman, Autodesk Research

Web Chair

Daniel Vogel, University of Waterloo

Recordings Chair

Khai Truong, University of Toronto

F&B Chair

Xuan Dam, University of Toronto

Sanders Speakers Coordinator

Grace Chen, University of Toronto


Steven Sanders

Autodesk Research


Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto